BootstrapBootstrap CustomBox 弹层

Explorer 8 和 9要求legacy.min.js的支持,不过从未动画效果。

Bootstrap 1




    $(function () {
        $('#element').on('click', function ( e ) {
                target: '#modal',
                effect: 'fadein'


Name Type Property Description
target string null Set the URL, ID or Class.
id string | number null Set the ID for the modal.
cache boolean false If set to false, it will force requested pages not to be cached by the browser only when send by AJAX.
escKey boolean true Allows the user to close the modal when press escape key.
zIndex string | number auto Overlay z-index: Auto or number.
overlay boolean true Show the overlay.
overlayColor string #000 Overlay color.
overlayOpacity number 0.8 The overlay opacity level. Range: 0 to 1.
overlayClose boolean true Allows the user to close the modal by clicking the overlay.
overlaySpeed number 300 Sets the speed of the overlay, in milliseconds.
overlayEffect string auto Combine any of the effects.
width number | null null Set a fixed total width.
effect string fadein fadein | slide | newspaper | fall | sidefall | blur | flip | sign | superscaled | slit | rotate | letmein | makeway | slip | corner | slidetogether | scale | door | push | contentscale.
position string center, center Set position of modal. First position ‘x’: left, center and right. Second position ‘y’: top, center, bottom.
animation string | null null Only with effects: slide or rotate (top, right, bottom, left and center) and flip (vertical or horizontal). Output position separated by commas.
speed number 600 Sets the speed of the transitions, in milliseconds.